360 video & interactive media

Fisheye would not be ‘fisheye’ if we didn’t open up the audiovisual part. For a real, intense experience, it’s even more fun to take it one step further.
That’s why we have thoroughly studied the best way to work with 360° video in 2014. Next to that, we have also submerged ourselves in the occulus rift, a.k.a. the glasses that allows you a look into another world.

The VR technology is about to grow into adulthood. If you want to know about our documentary ‘Ernst’, or wish to be informed about the do ‘s and don’t ‘s of storytelling in virtual reality, just let us know.

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360° VIDEO

360° VIDEO

'Ernst' - interactive documentary


We got a visit of Terzake TV, national television to talk about Virtual Reality and Oculus Rift. They were looking for a production company who is making 360 video and working with immersive storytelling. So they came to Fisheye. You can see the item on the website deredactie.be.



Ernst, an interactive documentary about World War 1 from Fisheye on Vimeo.